Sudanese Banks' Financial Information Database

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The information that exists in our current database includes the financial position, income statment and the cash flow for all the years from 2005 to 2015
Financial indicators section in the system allows you to add any type of financial indicator by adding its equation and allows you to view the results of the indicators in two formats: raw data(tables) and graphs

The Financial information that currenty exists in our database are from 2005 to 2015

Cash and Cash equivalent Central Bank of Sudan-statutory cash reserve Sales Receivables Investments: Investment in securities Investments: Mudaraba financing
Investments: Musharaka investments Investments: Participations (long- term investment) Investments: Inventories Investments: Investment in real estate Investments: Assets for rent
Investments: Finance portfolios Investments: mugawala finance Investments: Istisna'a Investments: Other investments Investments: Investment in subsidiaries
Other assets Intangible assets Fixed assets (net) Investments: Total investments Other receivables
Total assets